Kayak Day Tours

  1. 2.5hr kayaking tour
  2. 4hr kayaking tour
  3. 6hr kayaking tour

2.5hr Kayak Tour

On a limited time budget?

You still have time to have an amazing and adventurous Tofino kayaking experience. This is your obvious choice.

During your stay in Tofino, jump in a kayak, get a view from a different angle and take home a memory with a unique perspective.

4hr Kayaking Tour

Why not take a full afternoon off to relax and experience Tofino in your kayak?

As part of this kayak adventure you will experience the spiritual energy of the ancient Big Tree Trail on Meares Island.

The hike leads us over approx. 500 meters of boardwalk through majestic rain forest containing 1500 year old trees and a unique flora and fauna.
This hiking part of our kayak tour usually takes about 40 minutes. $84.-

* An additional $3 Tla-o-qui-aht Tribal Park trail fee for participant use and maintenance of the site will be charged at check-in.

Lemmens Inlet (6hrs)

Lemmens inlet, encompassed by a sensational mountain panorama, provides a stunning view into Strathcona Park during this kayaking tour.

Early explorers found this destination to be a preferred anchorage spot due to the surrounding peaks, namely Lone Cone and Mount Colnett ...and kayakers appreciate it for the same reason: a safe paddle!

Now you may be wondering about tidal currents or that six hours seems a bit ambitious.
Good thinking! But, not to worry. On our way to 'Adventure Cove', our potential destination, we will use the current to our advantage and always 'go with the flow'.

Needless to say, there is much more to discover about Lemmens. We'll chat about its significant history and explore its... Read more

Mothership Tours

  1. Bears by Kayak
  2. Floating Gardens!

Bear's by Kayak!

When the tide withdraws in Clayoquot Sound, the black bears step out from the tree line and scour the rocky shore for their next meal. You and your guide will set out from Tofino harbour at this time with kayaks secured to the roof of your shuttle boat.

Once a bear is spotted, it's time to get in the water!
With you in your kayak, and a paddle in your hand, your group will move along the shore, keeping a respectful and safe distance from the bear.

As Tofino's only bear-watching tour by kayak, find yourself in awe of west coast wildlife without the megaphone and loud hum of a boat's motor.
You will hear the crunch as the bears eat crabs, and the sound of their heavy paws along the rocks.

You will never forget the time you kayaked with the bears.$149.-

Floating Gardens!

This boat supported kayak adventure-tour will start with a scenic, approx. 30 minute boat ride to our destination and drop-off at Cypress Bay. This is where you will transfer into your kayak and start your approx. 2hr paddle along the shorelines to reach Freedom Cove.

Freedom Cove is a true West-coast sanctuary and inhabits Catherine and Wayne, who live here in the midst of Clayoquot Sound. In 25 years they have lived and worked on their vision of self-sustainable living: the 'Floating Gardens'. Once we arrive, join Wayne on a tour through their incredible home, while he will show you the gardens, the different buildings and some awesome tales about the secrets of life ;-)

By the time you will have to say goodbye to Catherine and Wayne, the kayaks will be loaded and you can relax on the boat and enjoy the ride home.$149.-

Not up for surfing today? A Sea Kayaking Tour is your opportunity for an alternative Tofino adventure that promises plenty of enjoyment and is ideally suited for novice to intermediate paddlers.

kayaking tofino tourBlack Bear Kayaking is nothing, if not flexible! Daily you can choose from our 2.5hr, 4hr, 6hr or 8+hr kayaking trips. Booking is simple! You can do so online or by calling our adventure center.

Before departing from the Marina West Resort dock, your certified, experienced and knowledgeable guide will prepare you with a quick introduction to paddling and the environment.

We’ll paddle our way to each of the little islets that you have seen from Tofino and show you some more. You’ll be able to explore the shorelines of these little treasures and see lots of things you can only see from a kayak. Depending on weather and sea state we might even be able to paddle to the outside of the sound and get a taste of open sea kayaking.


Be fortunate and meet the wildlife at its doorstep like seals, sea and river-otters, sea lions, porpoises, bald eagles and many more marine and land-based species. Paddle along a variety of getaways and unique housings at the shores or on the water. Once or twice a year you might even get the chance to see Orcas within the Tofino harbor area.

Bring nothing but your enthusiasm and a camera! Our guides will also photograph most of our kayaking trips - click here to check out our tour photos!

All our tours allow a max. group size of 6 persons per guide and a minimum required age of 10 years.

About us - We Love What We Do!

Founded in 2010, Black Bear Kayaking is the newest base for kayak adventure trips in Tofino.

Enthusiastic, highly-motivated and well experienced in what we do, we have managed to establish a successful reputation for guided kayak tours throughout Clayoquot Sound.

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