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Jobs 2019 - Become a Tofino kayak-guide!

Black Bear is dedicated to be a great crew of staff who will help make the experience the best our guests can hope for!

Black Bear Kayaking is a well established and expanding Tofino-outdoors-venture with a growing team of talented and certified outdoor enthusiasts.
Working at Black Bear means, the opportunity of a high level of participation and excellent working conditions are guaranteed.

Next to our 'shorter' kayak adventures, we are offering multiday-trips and therefore are actively searching for experienced guides that can help and support us accommodating these tours as well as refining them.
At 'Black Bear' however, a 'Kayak Day Guide' Level 1 certification according to SKGABC - or comparable, as well as Wilderness First Aid are a minimum requirement!*

If you meet these qualifications, possess excellent customer service skills and want to participate the development of this progressive venture, please send us an e-mail, with your resume at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

*If you are extremely dedicated but don't posses the required certification yet, don't hesitate to contact us anyways - we appreciate new talents! We can drive you into the right direction and may even be able to provide additional support.

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