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10:00 am

2.5hr kayak tour

Stormlight Outfitters

On a limited time budget?

You still have time to have an amazing, beginner-friendly Tofino kayaking adventure. This is your obvious choice.

During your stay in Tofino, jump in a kayak, get a view from a different angle and take home a memory with a unique perspective.

1:00 pm

4hr kayak tour

Stormlight Outfitters

Why not take a full afternoon off to relax and experience Tofino in your kayak?

As part of this beginner-friendly kayak adventure you will experience the spiritual energy of the ancient Big Tree Trail on Meares Island.

The hike leads us over approx. 500 meters of boardwalk through majestic rain forest containing 1800 year old trees and a unique flora and fauna.
This hiking part of our kayak tour usually takes about 45 minutes.

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